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Get Your Way Around a Better Headshot

Actors’ headshot is their first impression and point of contact in the world of acting. It’s more like a signature that helps you put forward your acting application and network in the acting industry. However, half of the time the headshots are either too overly done or makes an actor look very timid.

Most of the beginner actors are scared of their stills clicked. They get too nervous and are not able to portray their true skills in front of the camera for headshots. There are a lot of ways that you can implement to improvise your headshot shoot. This post will take you through some of the important tips by the exponent of theatre acting, Lee Strassberg on how to improve your headshot shoot and just be yourself during the process.

Making an impressionCalm down and loosen up

Initially, actors tend to get too tensed up while giving the head shot. Try and take a deep breath and loosen up your body and the face muscles. There are some good exercises to loosen up face muscles to get started. In fact, try to think about something else while you are there in front of the camera so that you can ease down yourself and give up your nervousness.

Your posture

A wrong or a bad posture can easily ruin up your photo shoot.  For instance, if you have a slouched up style of sitting or your head is sunk into your shoulders, your stills won’t look good. The perfect thing to rectify this would be to try out some yoga poses or your go-to Alexander posture.

Try to play a bit

Although you are physically still but internally you need to portray yourself as a quirky and funky person. When you are still mentally as well, the picture will be pretty boring and monotonous. For this purpose, just play a bit in your head and get some cool, fun headships that will engage the audience as well.

Be natural

If you have a really jazzed up look, there will be a lot of distractions in your photo shoot.  So it is important to step away from clothes that are full of bling and makeup that is too bold. Just be as natural as you can and be simple. This way you will be able to portray your true features, and you will be able to entice the audience with your good looking features in the photograph.

Know your face angles

If before stepping up on the stage you rehearse your lines and try to tweak up your performance a bit, then do the same thing here as well before getting ready for the headshot practice a bit in front of the mirror. Try to know your face, figure out the perfect angles of your face. Gain some confidence and then kill it in front of the camera.

Tyra popularizing smizeTry to connect with the audience

When you are giving a still, there is no audience. But when you are on stage for a drama, you have the audience to connect with, and you look straight into their eyes to connect with them and engage them. Similarly, when you are in the photo shoot try to connect with the photographer and wrap him up in your thoughts. Just try looking straight into the camera lens, right in the middle. You will be able to give a bang on the shot.

Nothing is wrong in the way you are doing it

There are different kinds of photographers in the industry, and all of them have different ways and tactics for getting a perfect headshot still. Some of them will engage you in a conversation, and some of them will ask you to just play around with things. Remember that, there are different ways of getting a perfect shot. So, none of the ways of taking a still is wrong; it is just that your photographer is using a different way.

Try communicating with your eyes

When you are in front of the camera, and you are thinking about something, don’t just focus on one thought. Keep on thinking about numerous things. This way if there is a little tweak in your thought, you will be giving a little change in your expression in your still as well. This way there will be a minor difference of expression in front of the camera screen.

Try to review your shots

Most of the times, the photographers tend to give you some notes on the improvisation process of your headshot.  But you won’t be able to understand those tips perfectly if you do not take a look at your pictures yourself. So, during the breaks, make it a point to take a glimpse of your shots and review them so that you can improvise in your rest of the shoot.

Always listen to your photographer

While you are going for a photo shoot, you will always have something in your head or a perfect shot and numerous other ways to quirk up your photo shoot. But remember that the photographer is the audience here. The photographer actually knows the right and wrong in the still. So, if the photographer is telling you that something in the shot is not working for you, then do listen to the photographer and try to implement that in your shoot.

Unveiling the truth behind your headshots

The best thing that your photographer can do to you is, to be honest with you regarding your performance. If a photographer is able to tell you nitty gritty in your shots and can tell you to rectify them, then that is the best thing. It is always good to know where you are going wrong and how can you rectify that. The photographer plays the most important role in this process. It is good to be critical rather than faking things in front of you.

In a nutshell, it is always good to take some advice from the photographer and understand the context behind the photo shoot. This way you will be able to give out a better performance in front of the camera and implement these tips in your next photo shoot.  For young actors looking to join the acting school in New York and wish to ace the method acting skills, check out different acting programs and courses at NewYork Method Acting.

Pick your best headshot and apply for the auditions at the school. A good headshot will open up doors of great opportunities for you and will help you out in bagging the perfect opportunity for your career. So be ready to portray your best in front of the camera and catch up on some future golden prospects.

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