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Common Wedding Music Mistakes

Choosing your wedding music playlist can be a headache given that there are so many songs to choose from. For sure, you and your partner have lots of ideas in mind, and it can be difficult to determine from the wide array of music selections. It can be even more challenging if you and your partner have different music preferences. How then do you unite the two?

Wedding songs get the guests on their feetNo couple would want their wedding to be a flop. Of course, every couple would want their wedding to be memorable and something that guests will remember fondly. But no matter how much you prepare, there still are things that you may miss, and some things that may not work out in the end. It can be frustrating, given that you have given a lot of time and effort into making the event perfect.

One of the things that many couples make a mistake is with their wedding music. It sounds simple, but it is surprising that many couples make tragic mistakes when it comes to their music, making the event far from what everybody’s expecting. But when you think about it, how can you go wrong with something as simple as music? Well, it happens, and it may be because of the many other preparations that couples have to think about. The choice of music is usually put on the last priority; but not surprisingly, music makes a big difference in making or breaking a wedding event.

Many times, avoiding mistakes is made easier when you are reminded of what to and not to do. You may think of something as “normal,” but in reality, is something that can fail in your event. So, to further help you avoid mistakes, here are the common wedding mistakes that couples must avoid at all costs:

1. Thinking that recorded music does the trick

Sorry to break it to you: but any recorded music just won’t do the cut when it comes to your wedding celebration. It sounds cheap, and it does not get to complement the event in the way that you like. Playing recorded music instead of a DJ or band is much like having a house party for a group of 20. For sure, you don’t want the quality of your wedding to be compromised just because of your choice. You must make sure that the music that you play can give justice to your wedding, and your music can be the perfect complement to your event.

live band for your receptionYou must throw away recorded music as one of your options. Your choice must be either with a band or DJ, depending on your event’s theme, your preference as a couple, and budget. If you are living in New Jersey, a good choice would be Around Town Entertainment (http://aroundtownent.com/new-jersey-wedding-bands/) as it allows you to enjoy music from a well-acclaimed band while not pushing out a lot from your wedding budget. When choosing the band or DJ to play for your event, read testimonials and ask for past clients’ opinion. You must not let false advertising get to you and sway your decision into choosing one music band over another. Remember, live music is crucial to making your event lively and memorable. If you think a DJ or band is out of your budget, think twice, because it is essential for you to have live music for your wedding. You can adjust your budget on other add-ons to your event because recorded music will never do the cut for your wedding.

2. Not checking with the ceremony’s officiant

You may think that since it is the modern age, you can play whatever music you like for your wedding. However, tradition remains when it comes to ceremonies, especially when the wedding is being done in a church or place of worship. It can be offending to the officiant if you choose to play modern renditions of songs you like because it is expected that you will abide by the church’s rules.

Before you play “Perfect” or “Yellow” in the church, make sure that you’ve checked with the officiant. If he/she gives you a signal, then, by all means, play the songs that you’ve asked permission in. If the officiant says “No,” then respect the decision and do not keep on crying over something that is beyond your control.

3. Sticking to one genre

Sticking to one music genre for the entire wedding can be incredibly boring to guests. If you choose to play rock or ballad songs, guests may find it irritating and might even drive them out of the venue. It is understandable that you may only have one genre that you like. But you have to mix it up for your guests to enjoy the party. Do not make the event all about you; instead, think of ways to liven up the party for everybody to enjoy.

You don’t have to ruin your wedding just because of poor music choices. Make sure that you avoid these mistakes, so you, your partner, and guests end up having fun at the party.

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