Blogging Tips for Newbies

There is much information out there on blogging: how to do this, how to do that. It can get annoying, repetitive and confusing, right? With so many tips out there, what works?

Here are some proven tips to help newbies raise their game to the blogging world:

Being a blogger can be careerBe you

You are your own person. Instead of getting caught up being someone you’re not, be the amazing, beautiful you. You are unique, capitalize on that.
Be honest. Truth is never overrated. In a world full of lies, we look for honesty. It is a virtue worth keeping.
Be unique. With all the stereotypical blogs for fashion, mommies, and food, you need to stand out. Be someone they’re not; be you.
Patience. Blogging is a form of rediscovering yourself. Be patient in finding your own uniqueness and awesome qualities to share to the world.
Stay true to you. Choose a topic that is distinctively you. People will be interested in what you say and stand for.

Have a sense of community

Don’t stress the numbers. Yes, stats are important especially for content and targeting your audience, but this should not be the ultimate goal of your blog. Don’t obsess over the numbers that are just beginning to grow. Instead, focus your time and energy on learning, and find out more about trends and the latest updates about your target audiences. Make sure to install Google Analytics to track your stats. Be sure to know the basics of digital marketing, SEO & website development to get your blog going.
Shareable. The most viral of all content are those that are posted on social media such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others. Make it easy for your target audience to share your content, your page, or your story through these channels by making it easy for them to share. If using WordPress, try using its many plug-ins.
Blogger community in MinnesotaCommunity participation. Throw out unfinished material to your audiences and let them decide and comment on how the conversation should flow and be completed. Encourage community participation by making them think of ways to solve an issue, to actively participate in discussions with their opinions, and acknowledge their participation and desire to put in their two cents’ worth, whether it may make sense or not. Use it as a drive to continue or aggregate for new content of your blog.
Meet new people. There is a profound sense of joy you get from meeting new people and hearing out their opinions. Having friends from different industries, social circles and even local communities can help in connecting with your audiences. Value each relationship. You’ll never know how your content may help them in their lives in the future. Keep the friendships alive and sincere. Connect and learn from other bloggers, your readers and friends.
Invite others. Sometimes you can get too caught in your own stories and blogs that you tend to run out of content. By having a close relationship with other bloggers and interesting friends, you can also use your platform to share their story and showcase their uniqueness providing a break from the usual content. Also, their own social sphere will be clicking on to your page for potential followers.

Check the content of your blog

Write. Your content should not be limited to time or events lest your page be viewed as old and irrelevant. Be your own resource. Do your own research and create content that is interesting from this decade to the next. Try not to be limited by adding dates to your content.
Just enough. Don’t overthink and write too much content. Likewise, do not write too little content making the audience feel like your blog may be unfinished. Try at least 300 words per post but not more than 1000 words. Try to fit in as much clear and concise information as possible.
Get to the point. Your audience can tell whether you’re bluffing or just adding fluff to your blogs. So, as respect to them, get to the end of your article.
Speak from the heart. You are blogging for a reason not just to spew words online, so stand for what you believe in.
Less is more. While it is interesting to use varying sentence length, short sentences pack a power punch to emphasize your point.
Persevere. You’re not a quitter. To find success in blogging, don’t give up. Those who stick to their blogs, win.
Write. Keep writing, keep capturing new thoughts and insight and keep posting.
Do not let haters get to your headHaters are going to be haters. While speaking up for what you think is right, there will always be the haters. Don’t take it personally and continue with your passions.
Get inspired. Never take for granted to fill yourself with inspiration. Without it, how else will you be able to inspire others?

Other tips

Keep writing. Whether it is for your blog or for others (as long as the citation is yours), move up to the ranks.
Email. As you network, build on a credible email list targeting your audiences.
Design. A good web design catches the attention of readers, so make yours interesting and eye-catching.
Give. Just keep sharing information that will help others. You’ll never know who will be needing it.
Learn. Learn from famous bloggers and how they go about their content and engaging their community.

Part of the fun of blogging is discovery. Discover who you are but never lose sight of what you were meant to be.

“Alan Baylock has achieved a goal that many artists aspire to, but often fail to reach: he has developed his own distinct sound as a composer. His writing is fresh, and is imbued with a great sense of spirit and fun.”
– Gordon Goodwin (Grammy & Emmy award winning composer/bandleader)

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“Baylock goes beyond the pale and creates moods and textures which challenge a big band to be on their best behavior. I have the highest regard for his writing.” – David Liebman