9 Private Jet Etiquette Tips for the First Time Flyers

Travelers today are preferring private jets for business and leisure, to commute in comfort. These planes are fast, can land in small airstrips and have amazing in-flight services. In fact, some planes are so luxurious, one will not feel they are in an airplane, but a hotel room. Commuters may enjoy communal dining with china and silverware or just relax on a couch.

All private jets may not be super luxurious, but their services are of better quality than commercial flights. Pilots and the crew are highly trained, and you get tons of privacy. Many players are offering private charter services to flyers, leading to many more flying privately. In such a situation it is important for flyers, especially those flying privately for the first time, to know what to expect on board and how to behave.

Passports are still required on private jetsPrivate Jet Etiquette


Although you do not have to go through the security check, you do have to present identification. There are no lines for security or liquid restrictions, but you need an ID to board. Domestic customers can present their driving license as an ID, whereas international customers can do with passports.


Private jet charters allow cars to be taken near the plane to allow easy loading and unloading of luggage. That being said, always park your car opposite the plane, the wheels must be facing away and remember to engage handbrakes.


Limit your luggage to small pieces as private jets have smaller luggage compartment doors. It is easier to carry soft cover bags so they can be easily maneuvered into the storage space. Also, the fuel requirement will be higher if the plane is heavier so be aware of the luggage restrictions.


Take the seat that has been assigned to you. Although you are on a private plane, there may be others or another who has created that flight. Usually, that person gets the option of choosing his seat first. Allow him to do so and then take your own seat.


Be on time, even though you are not flying commercially. It is true that private jet charters allow you the flexibility of time. But this will not look good if you are travelling in a group and others are waiting for you for takeoff. However, if you are flying alone, even then you must inform the service provider. You must arrive at least 15 minutes before departure to ensure that the luggage is loaded. Also, many service providers cancel the flight if the customer doesn’t show up within an hour of departure time.


The time of takeoff is very flexible if you fly privately. However, you may want to inform the service provider in case of delays.

Food and Alcohol

You can bring your own alcohol on board and ask the crew to store it and serve it to you later. You can also provide your meal preferences to make your journey enjoyable. As there are no restrictions on liquids, you can bring any other consumable on board, along with snacks that you prefer. However, drink within your limits and do not go overboard.

Respect Privacy

Remember that there are others on your plane and they are there for a reason. Respect your fellow traveler’s privacy and behave in a discrete manner.


Listen to your pilot’s commands and follow safety instructions carefully. Private jets are smaller aircraft and different in build from commercial airliners. If you are flying for the first time or you fly in different private aircrafts, it is important to know the safety information. Do not bring illegal substances on board as it may hamper the safety of the flight.

Private meeting onboard a private jetSome private operators allow annual memberships. One can charter the jet and then crowd-share with other customers to reduce the personal cost. Operators also provide subscription-based service where you can pay a fixed sum monthly and fly anywhere, at any time. You can fly as often as you want while sharing the plane with others.

Options like empty leg flights are available when a private flight is coming back empty. Or going one way empty. These seats are sold at a discount as high as 75%. Lists of empty legs and prices are available on company websites.

For example, if a private plane outside of NYC needs to pick up customers from New York, it will be coming in empty, from its current location. This leg of the journey will be empty. So, seats on that leg are empty and can be sold for profit.

Comfort in the Air

Private jets can be simple or as fancy as you want them to be. There are a few planes that redefine luxury in the air, and there are others that are smart and efficient. The Piaggio Avanti P180 is a smaller aircraft that can land in smaller airstrips and has a 14-foot cabin. They are fast and more fuel efficient than many of their counterparts. The Bombardier Learjet 85 comes with glass sinks, a kitchen and seats that can recline as beds. The Boeing VIP 757 are customized for their clients. Complete with rooms and king-size beds, they also have marble bathrooms, showers and chinaware.

These private planes can be booked for domestic as well as international flights. The planes are more comfortable for international flights as you spend a long time in there. The beds, servers with food and cocktails are mostly on international flights.

However, you can request whatever you may need on a journey, and it doesn’t matter if the flight is domestic or international. Also, you can book a flight based on your need and comfort. If you prefer luxury and are ready to shell out the money, then you can get the best service your money can buy. Private jets are very helpful in many cases and are not always expensive. Many may say that flying privately is a calmer experience than flying commercially.

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